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FreeeSakal News

English Description: eSakal RSS Reader Free is a free news reader for "Sakal" -- a newspaper published from the Pune, India. It is one of the most widely circulated newspapers. This app captures the articles from Sakal in an easy-to-read... more

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Marathi Ukhane

In Maharashtrian (India) culture there is a very, very popular custom of uttering the wife's or the husband's name in a couplet. This generally happens during weddings, where all the relatives gather around the bride and the groom and ask each one... more

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My Calorie Guru

V.Next: Major overhaul to food item search. V1.2: Fixed Recent Custom Item selection issue. Addition of food items into database. V1.1: Fixed Universal time conversion issue. Minor updates to search. Addition of food items to database. My... more

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