limchenglei's Windows Phone 7 applications


FreeQuick Reply

Quick Reply will allow you to get missing function such as messaging template which have been avaliable in the mobile phone for past years back in Windows Phone 7. You can add or edit the exisiting template so that you can send quick replies to... more

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Extreme Stock Market

Extreme Stock is able to check up to 24 countries stock market. It allow them to search for the stock either via the stock ticket number of the stock company’s name. They can also be added into a watch list for the user to get a at a glance... more

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Extreme Hangman

This extreme Hangman consist of 3 different levels which defer in their time limit with 100 different words pool for you to solved. To complete the game, you will require to solve only 10 words. On top of that, you will get 3 lifeline throughout... more

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