Marco Mura's Windows Phone 7 applications


Facebook friends

Facebook Friends allows you to monitor your facebook friends list, in order to discover who removed you! You just need to log in through Facebook friends, then everytime you open the app it will check if someone is missing or if you have new... more

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FreeAlcohol in blood

'Alcohol in blood' allows you to estimate your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content), specifying your info and the list of drinks you drank. 'Alcohol in blood' also informs you if it's legally to drive with your BAC in the country you are. It contains... more

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Metro Italy

With Metro Italy you can keep the information of the entire metropolitan railways of italian cities! You don't need an internet connection to consult the data, so you can consult the maps everywhere! Supported features: - consulting single metro... more

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Demo Creator

Demo Creator allows you to create a demotivational poster directly from your phone! Just take a picture, from your album or using the camera, crop it or rotate it if necessary, add the text and it's done!! Don't lose any chance to demotivate... more

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Ricarichiamoci : per gli studenti di Pisa! Permette di accedere alla sezione riservata del sito Ricarichiamoci, controllare il credito della tessera della mensa e ricaricarla! Per chi vuole evitare le immense file dell'ultimo momento, questa... more

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