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Stopwatch+ is designed to be a simple, yet fully featured application allowing you to not only time events but to save them for future reference. Training for a track and field event or long distance run? This app is... more

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FreeMy Flash Cards Spanish

My Flash Cards: Spanish is a fast, fun way to learn or brush up on more than 590 common English/Spanish phrases and words. Use the cards to kick start learning a new language, refresh your memory, or help the kids get ahead in... more

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FreeYo Momma

** Hundreds of new insults added! ** Insult Yo Momma contains some of the best around! Now Insult Yo Momma even lets you text your homies and insult them far and near! Want even more? Click the button and submit your own right to us. If we... more

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FreeMy Flash Cards

My Flash Cards: Math is a fast, fun way to practice your addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills or quiz the kids to help them get ahead in school. Whether you choose to simply view the cards or test yourself interactively you... more

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FreeQuick+ Points

Quick+ Points is based on the newest, popular weight watching points plus system but is definitely not your mother's old calculator. This little app is full of features to help you start or maintain your diet no matter how much or how little... more

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