RedBit Development's Windows Phone 7 applications is an interactive exhibit showcasing Vancouver’s vibrant Bhangra music and dance scene. Presented with the VIBC Society, the exhibit brings a mash-up of South Asian music and dance traditions, pop culture influences and global Bhangra... more

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Vanguide for Windows Phone 7 allows a user to view various landmarks in and around the Vancouver area. The user has the ability to view comments, ratings or tags to the landmark and add their own comments, ratings or tags. VanGuide for Windows... more

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Get 'Za

Craving your favourite pizza place but can’t find it? Maybe you are traveling or at a friend’s house and want to see if your favourite pizza place is close by. Get’Za will help you get your pizza fix depending on your location. Get’Za... more

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Fill'er Up

Running low on gas? Only want to go to a particular gas station because you collect points? Fill’er Up! will find the closest gas stations depending on your current location. You can search for your preferred gas station or search for all. The... more

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Find My ATM

Need to withdraw some cash from your bank ATM? Do you hate paying bank ATM fees? With Find My ATM you will be able to find the closest ATM depending on your current location. Find My ATM will search all ATMs near you or you can also customize to... more

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Startup Info

With the number of startups launching each and every day, it hard to keep up. Using the feeds at CrunchBase, along with news articles from both TechCrunch and ReadWriteWeb, Startup Info helps you keep up to date with the world of startups. ... more

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Find My Bru

Craving your favourite coffee 'Bru' but can't find it? Find My Bru helps you get your caffeine fix depending on your location. Just punch in the name of your favourite coffee house and Find My Bru will locate the 10 closest locations AND plot a... more

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FreeWhere's Timmy?

It’s a Canadian staple, finding the freshly brewed Tims’ Coffee. Yes there is probably one on every corner but how about when you are taking your kids to the 6am hockey game in a new city? Or you are traveling on business to unfamiliar area?... more

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