Rolf Borst's Windows Phone 7 applications


FreePeriodic Table

Do you know which chemical elements was in the year 1870 already discovered or which elements has a melting point above 435 °C? This small app can answer your questions. In the first versions I concentrated on the basic informations of the... more

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Function Plotter

This app is a function plotter for your phone. You can easily enter a function with a special keyboard and then the app will plot the graph and show you the basic results of a curve sketching. I want to create a small and clear app which gives... more

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FreeMoney Box

Do you also want to know, how much money your money box or piggy bank actually contains? This small app helps you to carry always the correct answer with you. And to avoid all disputes in your family, you can use four different money boxes in four... more

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Chess Clock

I love to play games and a wonderful game is chess. With this application you always carry a chess clock with you. This chess clock supports the Fischer mode and the Bronstein delay mode. Additionally, a game can consist of one, two or three game... more

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FreeBuzzword Bingo

Do you know this situation: It seems that the actual meeting or seminar will never comes to a end. Use this app to play a small game during waiting. In the most meetings, the people always use the same buzzwords over and over again. Try to hear... more

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53 days to go

Your next holiday begins in sixty days and you have more than one hundred days to buy the birthday gift for Anna. You are not sure? Use this small app to track the important upcoming events of your life: birthdays, project deadlines, your next... more

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Diese Anwendung richtet sich an alle diejenigen, die ebenso viel Spaß am Sammeln haben wie ich selbst. Bei der Anwendung steht das schnelle Nachschlagen von Autokennzeichen und das Sammeln im Vordergrund. Die Anwendung öffnet sich sofort mit der... more

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