tarun's Windows Phone 7 applications



This app is You-Tube search base application enter keyword and see available videos on You-tube and also you can search person on twitter more

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This application is twitter base from which you can search a person or search tweets of a person , enjoy twitter with this application more

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This is weather application which shows weather data of different cities of india. more

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This app is used to draw figures , you can draw images by your touch screen with different colors more

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this application based on search on web using url and local as contact , add contact update contact and access bing search application more

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application based on utube video search using keyword and same for thr the twitter social network... user can serch video using u tube search and can search persoan on twitter. more

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This application is based on to search application on App-hub of phone applications all task related to audio search ,app search ,review ,details from marketplace more

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RSS Reader is a Simple application allowing access to RSS Feed content . It takes url to read rss feed and show rss feed of that like yahoo services . more

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This application based on drawing image using touching fingure or draging up and down with using deiffrerent colors drawing lines different shape . more

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its an application used for data downloading from web and web access using browser and phone camera phone photo capturing and crop application and storing more

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small web brower application provide web facilities , similar to others web browser its small and efficient more

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