TGTC Group's Windows Phone 7 applications


FreeCNN Top Stories

CNN Top Stories - View the CNN Top Stories on your phone whenever you want! The application will display the list of top news stories from CNN, You may view the details about a news story by pressing on the headline. To hear the most-recent CNN... more

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FreeFox Business News

The “Fox Business News” application displays the current “Top Stories” from the Fox Business data feed. From the list of current top stories, you may select a story to be displayed in a web browser by tapping on that story. The... more

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How many times have you needed a quick view of a calendar for the current month but you could not find one? You can always get to a calendar; look through your desk, click on the date/time on your Windows 7 desktop, or even start the calendar... more

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Headlines gives you a fast way to view the most current headlines from several sources. Not only does this allow you to keep up with breaking stories, but it also lets you see how different news agencies present the most current headlines. The... more

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FreeFox News Feed

UPDATED: Version 1.5 of the “Fox News Feed” application updates the icon to be the “correct” one. Version 1.4 of the “Fox News Feed” application fixes the email support link on the “About” page. It also updates the icon used for... more

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Updated: Version 1.3 supports the case where the CDC has updated the interactive Flash file but not the static image. In this situation, FluView showed an empty image; now, it will go back and find the last image that worked and display it (or... more

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