Weesals's Windows Phone 7 applications


FreeFinger Fantasy

Ever wanted to stick your finger into a fan? Now's your chance. Try to hold your finger in the fan for as long as possible until it starts spinning. The longer you last without losing a finger, the higher your score. Use the unlockable upgrades... more

In Classics



A convenient, fast, and easy to use public transportation timetable application, with a beautiful Metro interface. Your most recent places are automatically pinned to the applications home screen, and can be effortlessly dragged to any text field,... more

In Navigation



Browse the latest Australian bargains directly from OzBargain on your phone with this nice Metro-themed application. Version 2 is here! Get notifications of bargains matching your interests as they are posted, and show bargains of interest on... more

In Business


Catacl: Earth Defense

Save earth from certain destruction in this game of breakneck speed, innate skill and crafty planning! Use the power of gravity to send moons crashing into invading aliens, and cataclysmic natural disasters. Defend against wave after wave of... more

In Strategy


Flinders Voyage

With an array of unlockable equipment and upgrades at your disposal, there will be no shortage of destruction; show them what it takes to be number one! Shoot down the enemy with your weapons, gather treasure for upgrades, repair your ship, and... more

In Shooter