Zombie Circus

Zombie ragdoll physics!

  • Update 1.9 description below. Can you stop the zombie clown horde from taking over the circus? Non-stop ragdoll physics action awaits you as you battle the zombie infestation. Protect the tent by tossing and throwing the zombies around with real multi-touch finger action. Unlock powerful weapons as you progress from night to night and upgrade them in the Weapon Shop! Gain the favor of the Carnival Allies and unleash devastating super attacks against the zombies! Create your own battles in the Sandbox Editor! Update 1.9: +Fixed the issue with zombies becoming stuck on screen, making the level impossible to finish. +Jester clown is no longer totally invulnerable to weapons - he now takes 25% damage from all weapons except the Tesla. Update 1.8: +NEW: 60 new levels in a BRAND NEW environment. Battle inside the tent and protect the Ringmaster! +NEW: 4 new zombie clowns! The Jester, the Cannonballer, Rainy the umbrella carrying clown, and the Clown Car! +NEW: Epic big boss battle with Jack In The Box! +NEW: 3 new weapons: Elephant Ear mines, Merry Go Round, and the Fan! +NEW: Gameplay enhancements and graphical effects! +NEW: 2 Special Attacks unlocked by only flinging clowns with your fingers. Crack the screen with the Carnival Cannon and the Monkey Popcorn Machine! Twitter: @GlowPuff Web: www.glowpuff.com -90 levels of addictive ragdoll physics action! -Survival Mode! Wave after wave of zombie attacks! How long can you survive? -Online Leaderboard - show off your skill to the world! -Sandbox Editor - create your own battles! -Powerful particle system for explosions, fire, smoke, gas, and zombie damage effects! -Full carnival themed musical scores! -Beautiful hand-drawn graphics draw you into the carnival atmosphere! -Progressive weapon upgrade and unlocking system makes you want to keep playing! -New zombie types introduced as you progress - face them all!
  • Action & adventure
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  • GlowPuff
  • 2010-12-21 05:31
  • 2011-08-15 16:38
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2011-05-20 03:09 Dangerus
Easy 5 stars... There is even a free version, so try it out! You won't be disappointed! Support the creators and pay the 99 cents... Oh yeah and almost forgot to mention, it is the best 99 cents you could spend for a wp7 game.
2011-04-25 06:34 CheeseVandal
Interesting game. I would give it a 5 star rating except for the lack of sound control. Even when music is unchecked it still plays once the game starts.
2011-04-26 14:01 jlodl
2011-04-21 11:52 UnrealSeanferd
This was the best .99 cents I've spent since I got my phone could have been a lol longer but what can u expect for that price I hope they release another maybe part 2 please :)
2011-03-25 07:28 Player024533335
2011-03-19 23:14 ChitoZX
Very good game hard to get used to but once you get the hang of it, its awesome. My only complain is the last level wasn't hard enough
2011-02-27 02:14 Player869145538
This game is awesome. Tossing clowns around has never been so much fun. 5 stars!!!
2011-01-30 21:58 Darth Raven1134
2011-01-28 02:24 BaldGuy318
This game is the bomb
2011-01-24 22:30 Player087793050
Great game, would like to see a survival mode though, controls are great
2011-01-17 16:34 rconsta
I hate it
2011-01-14 01:38 milesdewar
Love it danks guys!
2011-01-10 16:58 RIOTdoc
2011-01-03 00:57 dadhasdeals
2011-01-01 20:15 RyderOnTheStorm
Addictive fun
The other reviews are spot on, this is so much fun! It definitely has that "just one more level" type of gameplay that keeps you playing. The difficulty ramps up nicely, and the amount of action on the screen is mind boggling at times. Level 29 and 30 are difficult, but I finally got through them. I reset the game and am going through it all over again. Is that a vuvuzela horn that blasts during a frenzy? haha Looking forward to the sandbox editor!
2010-12-31 12:36 Pink Ice Skater
Great time waster.
2010-12-24 18:36 WeeJamin504
The new update fixed the minor touch control problems but now its working perfectly! This is a great/fun game :)
2010-12-23 16:16 BisshMal
Update works wonders. Great gameplay and graphics. Loving it
2010-12-24 04:55 BugsyK
2010-12-22 13:28 BisshMal
Great Game! One of the best non xbox live title games. The gameplay and graphics are great however at times the touch controls seem unresponsive when trying to pickup and throw a clown. This can be quite frustrating. Other than that this is a great game!
2010-12-22 02:31 BisshMal
Zombie Circus - Average rating : 8 - Max : 10 - Based on 20 ratings and 20 reviews.