Close the Sale!

Set goals, Track sales

  • Salespeople! Plan your month and set your goals. Keep track of how many units you're tracking, make sure you're getting in front of enough prospects to meet your financial goals. The app fully supports theming, your color choices and backgrounds are reflected inside this app as shown in the screen shots. Landscape mode is also included so if your device has a hardware keyboard you will not be typing sideways if you choose to skip the on-screen option. The on-screen keyboard features large, easy-to-press numerals like on a phone pad, rather than the smaller row at the top of the normal keyboard. Trial mode includes: Sales tracking - gives both a yes/no answer to the question, "Am I on track to meet my targets?” It also gives a detailed breakdown. Financial Goals - Set your yearly income goals to be used by the other sections of the app, and find out an estimate of how much money you can expect to take home. Full version also includes: Activity stats - make sure you're making enough contact activities (phone calls, emails, txts, etc.) to get the amount of live prospects needed to reach you goal based on your closing ratio. Production goals - what do you need to do this month to reach your annual income goal? Settings - customize the program to your situation. Export data - the ability to email your data for later access, even if you clear out the program for next month's data, you'll have a copy of your older data to compare with. Download Close the Sale! today and start taking home more money! Some of our testers used the app for a small business another to make sure she hit her production bonus in a non-sales environment.
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  • GCustom  2010-11-07 04:50
My managers are always asking me how many sales I'm going to have at the end of the month, now I can tell them with confidence instead of making up something that will sound good to them. I can also plan my spending money based on what I'm tracking for the end of the month. My favorite feature is where it tells me how many people I need to contact and convert to ups to make my sales goals for the month. I'm reccomending this to the rest of my team when they pick up their Windows Phones. This is so much further along than my old Windows Mobile Phone, apps like this would have had tiny type and made me use the stylus for everything. Now I can use an app like this one, one-handed.
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