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The gap between the logo and categories could be slimmer and option to switch background colour, reading white on red is a little too hard on my eyes better yet you guys can use a game poster, take a note from IMDb app.
2011-04-08 18:07 kitkit y
2011-04-10 14:27 dukeps
Great app with very clean UI.
2011-04-10 15:41 BeeThousand
2011-04-10 18:09 SuzyKil
Slow on updates doesn't show every article better if you just go to m.ign.com
2011-04-10 18:46 G0LDEN AVENGER
2011-04-10 21:28 JellyMc
2011-04-10 22:07 dhochsta
Perfect for all those gamers out there
2011-04-11 06:40 NIX666911
Great app but ign is way too EA bias to keep track of reviews.
2011-04-06 07:40 a1k
Excellent app but sometimes videos don't play and I've error messages that say "FAIL" and the cheats section needs a little bit of configuring
2011-04-06 07:53 Player538754196
Could add more of the sites content, like movies.
2011-04-06 11:26 Overcast86
Great app for gamers! Love the daily fix video!
2011-04-06 15:42 Majeffstic
Why did it create a new gamertag in my live hub? How do I reclaim my tag?
2011-04-06 22:20 Player827681520
Great app. 100% recommended.
2011-04-06 23:26 stinkbom333
2011-04-07 02:41 OutrageousStar
2011-04-07 02:42 ThaTGuy0vrTher
Great app
2011-04-07 03:00 sepseven7
Sick app HD7
2011-04-07 06:23 bionicslap303
Very smooth
2011-04-03 15:33 sunxin8086
Good app with plenty of info. But to be honest, can't really trust an IGN review anymore after reading the review for Deadly Premonition.
2011-04-03 21:30 BuffDrinklots13
2011-04-03 22:53 effindisk
2011-04-04 03:20 BONZAI BURGER
Killer app for us gamers. Well done IGN & I appreciate the support for our mobile platform.
2011-04-04 14:59 shpankE
When there is news/stories they often appear broken or just missing when you click through.
2011-04-04 16:50 CelePunk
All news apps should be designed like this.
2011-04-04 18:18 Varsi99
It is slick and full of content, utilizes metro UI beautifully.
2011-04-04 19:56 Riskbreaker23
Works great. All apps should be like this one.
2011-04-05 05:53 Player941036091
Great app!
2011-04-01 01:51 xGGYYx
There we go! It's working again! Seriously ign, stop fooling around. Fooling around too much.
2011-04-01 02:51 vanv1995
The app is great. Works well and every thing but can you add a search button? I want to search any game for the available content that it has. Not just video reviews.
2011-04-01 03:52 AngryN00bHunt3r
This is one of my favorite apps. I'm still waiting for the advertised features such as the customizable sections. Bring on the gear, movies and insider sections!
2011-04-01 18:46 BadBlood77
Awesome app for every game
2011-04-01 21:47 ryangovea
Duh, winning!
2011-04-02 15:38 S Ray Vision
2011-03-28 18:25 JimBobSmith420
Remove the iPhone reviews and add in a 3DS section.
2011-03-28 20:15 americangame
2011-03-28 20:17 actex007
I love this app. I use it to determine which games to buy. This app includes game reviews and videos!
2011-03-28 21:12 LeaderOne
Great app. Works perfect on my Htc Surround.
2011-03-29 01:53 B1ZZY 305
Awesome app IGN. Just add login support.
2011-03-29 03:29 Mr Rick Smits
Decent app. Needs more functionality. Please add movies and comics. Till then the mobile site is superior.
2011-03-29 21:46 Vashek
What do you know it works now, bravo gentlemen. Great app when it works.
2011-03-30 04:28 o MASTA ACE o
2011-03-30 14:31 Ping Hellsing
Only real games magazine out but still does a great job. Feels light on content..
2011-03-30 14:40 RowdyOnline
Decent app. Needs more functionality. Please add movies and comics. Till then the mobile site is superior.
2011-03-26 06:39 Vashek
The app completely disappeared from my phone. I can't uninstall it. Can't redownload it. Come on ign buck up. And it's not in my games either btw. * Update* it just reappeared?? It's been like a week and apparently all i had to do was..... Complain i guess??? Whatev. Great app when it works!!!!!
2011-03-26 09:14 lancerboy3584
After the update its no longer on my phone but I can't reinstall
2011-03-26 16:21 Messor40
Where is the app? it disappeared.
2011-03-26 16:56 Player318434376
If u performed a recent update and your app disappears it may be in the Xbox live section. If it is not there or in the regular app section turn your phone off and back on then the app will reappear.
2011-03-26 17:05 KlarkKint
Developers are actively updating the app and the performance has improved since the first release.
2011-03-26 18:46 TaehoonK
Was a great app but now it gives me nothing but the main screen.
2011-03-26 23:45 EMOSLAYER B T Y
Where did the app go?
After the update I can no longer find the app on my phone. I go to the marketplace to reinstall and it says it's already installed, ***?! I need an update so I can remove this from my phone.
2011-03-27 01:57 o MASTA ACE o
Downloaded, installed. Cannot find it on my phone and will not let me download again. Only share option exists. Update: Turning phone on and off did not work, it wasn't in the Xbox live section either...for me anyway. Got the UPDATE. WORKS PERFECT! Thx
2011-03-27 03:06 xxKIRIYAMAxx
Are you kidding me? The app disappeared after I updated it and I can't reinstall it. COME ON!! BOOO!!!
2011-03-27 03:30 vanv1995
2011-03-27 23:17 eji1027
***. the app just left but its still here. can't find it on phone but can't redownload c mon. I love the app just. Don't love my back I guess
2011-03-28 00:26 Player844380572
The same was happening to me but restarting the phone fixes it. Great app and is my fav.
2011-03-28 12:02 CAMILO ROCKS
Awesome app but its disappeared off my phone and there is no option to download it again.
2011-03-23 15:46 Voodoo Monkey
2011-03-23 21:09 Mustang1407
Same *** happened 2 me
2011-03-24 00:25 gRiMeY101
Haha same here... But found it: The app is categorized as GAME, you'll find it in your XBOX HUB...
2011-03-25 02:11 emodul
POWER off/on your phone after the latest update to get app back on the app list.
2011-03-25 18:38 Aggie CMD
Thx for the fix ign. Not in the game hub no more.
2011-03-25 18:55 skinniesmaster
2011-03-25 19:59 Kaptain AWE50ME
Where did it hide I'm getting mad
2011-03-25 21:45 MegaSpaceWhale
Had to power the phone off/on after last update. Thankfully it is no longer located in the games hub. Great app though.
2011-03-26 00:13 dhohulin
My favorite app it was smooth not laggy and had good gaming and tech news. Edit:it isnt working it says "No Top stories found" what the firetruck please fix Updäte new update works flawlessley now best app ever
2011-03-15 13:47 MidriffApollo1
Update fixed the news section. Works great now. Wonderful app for game news. The update made it show up in the games hub as though it's a game, which is my only complaint.
2011-03-15 14:02 Satyr Bear
Very awesome video game app!!! Tells you brand new video game reviews and video reviews. This app helped me make a decision to buy Homefront!!
2011-03-21 10:48 Boiled Carrots
Why is there no 3DS area? And why is it put with the games. Other than that its a great app.
2011-03-22 02:04 Kane Bergman
2011-03-22 03:32 Razor9422
This app started off great but gets worse weekly. When there is news/stories they often appear broken or just missing when you click through. The app shows in the Xbox live hub now.
2011-03-22 07:19 CelePunk
Great app. Missing some features like ahaing stories. And integrating with your online ign account. Nothing that is probably coming I. Future updates. Fir even as it is now. Provides good access to ign news and content
2011-03-22 13:32 osmanmohamed
Good app
2011-03-23 05:22 TheTeamExtreme
It could be better than this
2011-03-23 07:07 Papuso jr
Downloaded, installed. Cannot find it on my phone and will not let me download again. Only share option exists.
2011-03-23 10:06 xxKIRIYAMAxx
There was a fix made apparently and now this app works like a charm. Love it.
2011-03-18 21:47 jarbirdsound
Excellent app However it seems to be broken, as new stories and articles are unavailable In fact, no articles are available anymore WHAT GIVES? PLEASE FIX!!!!! Oh, wait, its finally fixed! BEST. APP. EVER. :) But it's taking too long to update stories, and its missing a lot of recent articles And it moved o the game section, darn it!
2011-03-18 23:26 FACruz5
My app disappeared and I can't even redownload it.
2011-03-19 01:40 TDaddy76
Awesome app IGN. Just add login support. And this app appears in the games hub everyone. Edit: top stories doesn't load unless you touch "more"
2011-03-19 02:36 Mr Rick Smits
IGN is an absolutely shitty site.
2011-03-19 03:07 Cornholio Slim
2011-03-19 05:25 H4ckZer0
This app disappeared from my phone this is gay don't downloaded
2011-03-19 05:28 liljaywayn80
2011-03-19 05:31 Andy91947
Take it out of the Games Hub. It is an app about games, not a game.
2011-03-19 06:03 Xzarron
Thank you for fixing the no stories found problem there's still a few bugs like paragraphs or sentences might not be there or.are cut off. Besides that is a hard running 4 1/2 but since you can't do that it gets 5
2011-03-19 09:01 XvImPuLs3vX
Great! Shouldn't be in the gamehub though.
2011-03-19 14:25 XboxJoost
Take off the Games Hub. Thought this had uninstalled itself.
2011-03-19 17:56 Calnor
Stories and upcoming games? Yes. Bookmark, buy, or share? No. IGN has an opportunity to get more links through Facebook or emailed stories, or make it easy to order games. Both would make them money, but they didn't do it. Now I'm off to write some games down on paper and preorder through Amazon...
2011-03-19 18:53 rocksquirrel
2011-03-19 19:40 Slipknotboy25
2011-03-19 23:15 ChitoZX
Working again but now is located in games hub.
2011-03-20 01:18 BlistersNPitch
2011-03-20 05:53 calcsat
2011-03-20 21:59 H3lganElite
Top stories fixed!
2011-03-16 10:50 Gallifrey26
Not a game, shouldn't be in game section... Other than that, good app.
2011-03-16 13:52 Zatchillac
Finally fixed. Sweet hay suse its good to have it back.
2011-03-16 14:59 Fifty King
Where is it?
Finally an update, thank you! I started it once, and everything seemed fine. Wanted to run it again later, and the app had dissapeared fomr my programs list? Not uninstalled, just gone, and I cannot install it again, since MarketPlace AND Zune tells me I allready have it installed.....??
2011-03-16 19:35 BogoWarriorDK
Everything's working! WOOO! Five stars baby!!!
2011-03-16 20:15 vanv1995
The app is really smooth and top stories work now. But this shouldn't be in the game game section though. Five stars anyway
2011-03-16 20:19 roynrt
2011-03-16 21:30 Player434304626
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