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  • Maestro Pro is a virtual piano for the Windows Phone 7. Use it as a musical scratchpad when away from home, or as an instrument to jam with your friends. Features: -Full 88 key piano keyboard -Record and save your compositions for later playback -Jump to any part of the keyboard instantly -Realistic 3D keys with cool animation -Low latency(low for WP7 platform) -Realistic sound -Good ballance between latency and sound quality What's new in 1.3: -More octaves -Ability to record and save your compositions
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  • 2011-01-25 09:00
  • 2012-05-02 09:26
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2011-04-14 12:43 ORIG BIG ICE
I would love to be able to change the amount of keys showing.
2012-03-05 02:57 WhiteVenom23
2011-10-14 20:45 Player625342632
This appears to be a Trial version only...not a true app. We should be refunded.
2011-07-28 17:22 RandyBraaksma
2011-07-08 02:57 Player320541164
This is great if you are in level 1 piano book lessons. Otherwise, forget it.
2011-05-03 17:44 skandalousjones
Rip off!
2011-04-29 22:24 CoStella70398
Trial nag keeps popping up even after I've bought it! PLEASE FIX THIS NOW!!!
2011-04-22 22:16 Player329788986
2011-04-14 12:43 artowens45
This app is a rip off!=(
2011-03-19 20:09 lwcc05171952
Trial issues fixed
2011-03-08 17:50 xelaan cb
If I could I'd give this a negative star because of how the trial nag is implemented. How can 30 seconds be nearly enough time to get a feel for the app? And why does the app refuse to let you out of the "buy me?" popup? Really?
2011-02-24 02:33 EvergrnThompson
Not worth it. Trial version harasses you 30 seconds upon opening it, not allowing you to play anymore unless you buy it.
2011-02-19 20:10 zera0820
Nice graphics and good response
2011-01-25 14:51 xelaan cb
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