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  • DeekFit Gym Pro is the ultimate tool for anyone that goes to the gym! Pro has all the great features of DeekFit Gym, no ads & syncing/backups with! Enter & track workouts, view stats, build routines, auto-countdown timers, tabata intervals, monitor your weight, set goals, keep daily notes, add custom exercises, calculate your BMI, BMR, Wilks total, estimate one-rep max, and more! Don't go to the gym without it! Updated in 3.8: -Performance while syncing with drastically improved -You can now edit and delete custom exercises, and enter custom descriptions -Switch between Metric/US units per entry -Select past dates for new entries/notes -Reps/weight entries no longer automatically clear -Fixed a few bugs introduced by Mango -UI improvements Please email issues with the app & feature requests!
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  • 2010-11-07 02:00
  • 2012-02-11 20:08
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Tuff to setup
2012-02-03 05:34 Player462977004
Great App
2012-01-23 23:26 Greeley51
This app works great, has everything I need.
2011-12-17 21:51 ManifoldYeti
Great app and still improving
2012-01-05 14:22 Markos of Sound
2011-11-14 22:24 Player680721797
It gets it done
2011-11-09 20:22 DeathTripp87
Hard to use for daily workouts
2011-11-09 05:13 PureJedi
2011-10-31 21:14 Player421683081
Good app and great customer service.
2011-10-04 04:11 jasonrsus
2011-10-05 20:11 Player906471104
Bought for the option to sync online. Receive communication error when sync attempted. Not worth the money spent for the Pro version.
2011-10-02 17:30 jasonrsus
Best app. Can't beat the price or online presence.
2011-09-21 20:50 SimTECH
Easy to use and setup
2011-08-30 19:03 Player626981124
Love this
2011-08-31 02:36 JPadams4
2011-08-26 18:33 spocksbrother
2011-08-12 17:18 szDan
Great app for keeping track of lifts. Built-in timer helps to make sure you don't wait too long between sets. Videos of exercises available immediately for reference. Overall, the best weight-room companion for the WP7.
2011-08-08 20:36 Carlucci
Amazing app. Highly recommended for serious lifters.
2011-08-08 11:03 MrTimSmith
This is just a super gym workout app... It is the only gym workout app that is fast, easy, streamlined and flexible enough to replace a notepad for me. Excellent job and keep up the updates please! Worth every penny and then some.
2011-07-25 22:05 RayScraps
Needs more training plans, as I have no idea what groups of exercises to do.
2011-05-15 04:19 The Glessential
2011-05-24 09:16 alexachucarro
The app itself is solid, provides excellent features, and Deeko is very helpful. The web portion of the app, which I did not include in the star rating, could use some work.
2011-03-06 22:04 fr0stb1t3 469
Doesn't save the workouts. It randomly loses information. Unreliable.
2011-01-09 21:12 CO Desparado
Very intuitive app. The best workout app available.
2010-12-28 20:15 JPadams4
Needs pictues of work outs in the phone app
2010-12-20 18:58 KayakTexas
Worth the upgrade
Upgraded to the pro version from free. Being able to view workouts on the website is really nice. Looking forward to more features.
2010-11-24 16:32 Player162622647
Needs ability to use routine as a workout
2010-11-12 22:58 xEternalBeatx
Lots of features
Does what it says it will - combines the features of a lot of different apps on the market.
2010-11-08 21:20 mwdavis84
DeekFit Gym Pro - Average rating : 8 - Max : 10 - Based on 25 ratings and 25 reviews.