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Since the people worldwide are getting bigger you can check with this app if you belong to that group, too. Enter your height in ft, weight in lb, and gender in the data entry screen and you will immediately receive your BMI including a small... more




Trova le farmacie aperte e di turno più vicine a te. more

By modomodo


BMI Calc

This application calculates your BMI (Body Mass Index) in imperial or metric units. Simply use the sliders to adjust your weight and/or height and your BMI is automatically calculated. Note that this is useful for calculating the BMI of adults... more

By Wild Republic Development


Eye Tester

Test your eyes against an eye chart and compare the results to others that have used the same chart. Find out if your eyes are better or worse than other people's eyes. more

By Social Indulgence


FreeShakes Meter

Test how much you have the 'shakes'. You are given a score between 0 and 10 based on the tiny movements you make while holding the phone at arms length. Compare your score to others and find out if you shake more or less than them. more

By Social Indulgence


FreeBiorhythm 1.3

With Biorhythm you can check your physical, emotional and intellectual strength. According to believers in biorhythms, a person's life is affected by rhythmic biological cycles which affect one's ability in various domains, such as mental,... more

By Nicolò Carandini


Color Is Life

The colors are around us and affect our behavior. They allow for varying emotions, feelings. Color Is Life allows you to use colors to feel better. Expose yourself to the best color regarding your feelings, get description on how to use each... more

By Laurent Ellerbach Software


Contraction Timer

No more searching for pen and paper, just use your Windows Phone to time your contractions! Welcome aid for pregnant mothers and their partners to easily and accurately time the labor contractions. Features: * Timer to time the contraction with... more

By Prathiraj Chakka


Good Vibrations

Carry your personal massager with you wherever you go! Includes multiple modes to change the length and frequency of vibrations. Plus, you can lock the app to avoid accidentally changing settings during use. Purchase for unlimited usage (beyond... more

By Tufty Time



Promillerechner - Das Original von Wieviel ist zuviel? Faustregeln helfen wenig, und selbst persönliche Erfahrungen können nicht zwangsläufig als sicher gelten. Die sichere Lösung ist ein transportabler Rechner, der -... more