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  • Scroll down to see what features are new in this version vibeMassage allows you to use your phone's ability to vibrate for a relaxing massage. The idea for this app came from a relative that wanted a gentle massage for their hand injury. I hope it helps them and I hope it helps you, too. Features: * Uses Fast Application Switching in Mango / 7.5 to reload app quicker - 8 Vibration Patterns to select from - Easy-to-reach On/Off switch, status display - Settings are saved from last time run - Switches for Lockscreen, Location Svcs, etc. - Timer Presets ranging from 1min to Infinity - Uses phone's theme - Free Trial Version is ad-supported - Full (Paid) version allows you to turn off Ads - All versions allow disabling of Location Services - Location Services, Phone Dialer, Device Identity & User Identity used only by and for Microsoft's Ad Control, not stored, used or transmitted in any other way NOTE: No claim is made as to the safety and/or effectiveness of this app as a means of physical therapy and/or healing, nor will we be liable for your use of this app. Use of this app implies your agreement with this statement. New Features (see footnotes at bottom): 1.10 * Option for endless running of program (manual stop; user requested!) * New version check & notification on startup * Notification requests you to review the app 1.9 - Available in 7 additional countries 1.8 * Uses Fast Application Switching in Mango / 7.5 to reload app quicker 1.7 - Resumes running your program when you return to app - Option to continue running when screen is locked - Better handling of incoming phone calls 1.5 - Better handling of screen space when ads are disabled *These features are FOR WINDOWS PHONE 7.5 ONLY (see
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  • LumaLilt
  • 2011-08-16 22:30
  • 2012-03-22 22:11
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2012-03-14 00:44 Player711196768
2012-03-18 15:53 Player306235722
Not strong enough
2012-03-09 07:03 Player652489450
2012-03-08 00:24 UnafraidOrphan
2012-03-10 12:46 MCKBOOM
It's cool, could be better
2012-02-27 01:41 MonaiFaith93
2012-03-03 20:54 iPwnzaRBLX
It's ok vibrations r too steady but ....
2012-02-17 15:16 DOWHAT97
Works great for the arthritis in my back
2012-02-18 15:40 miracletina
2012-02-19 08:01 Yobadobflobjob
2012-02-20 06:47 Player083170584
2012-02-09 21:34 MelissaC143
Actually useful for hand cramps.
2011-12-19 06:10 John 117s Babe
Not worth it. Doesn't work.
2011-12-29 23:00 ljharper62
Good to use on a girl works well on my hd7
2011-08-17 05:45 Player378712018
Didn't really work. Vibration is too soft to call it a massage.
2011-08-17 20:50 Shadowolv
This is really a dirty know what I'm talking about..
2011-08-23 20:54 ynight88
Patterns Improve Vibration
Thanks for your feedback. The strength of the vibration is limited to the amount produced by the hardware in the phone that you have. This is part of the reason why we have created patterns of vibration for an added effect, so you may want to try all of the different patterns (like the one called "Wobbly" for example) to see if any of those improve the effect. - LumaLilt, the developer of vibeMassage
2011-08-25 14:07 Recondite
Vibe is not intense
2011-08-30 06:13 Player789068935
2011-09-01 02:42 Jite123
2011-09-15 04:37 Player799398115
2011-09-17 07:39 Maverick1331
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