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  • TVShow lite is the free version of TVShow. It is a beautiful application that let’s you track all your favorite TV Shows. "What can we say? We're impressed and we highly recommend it ; Nice, highly legible UI, fast load times and logical layout make this TV schedule app our new favorite. " - Features: - Browse all the episodes of your favorite TV Shows. - Mark TV series as favorite - Get a quick overview of the all the upcoming episodes for all of your favorite shows. - Get information about tv shows. - Get synopsis, screen captures, rates, subtitles and recaps for each episodes - Mark seen and unseen episodes. - Read tv shows news from, tvguide, buddy tv, maxiseries and allociné - offline mode Not included in the lite version : - push notification in order to update application tile with the number of unseen shows and the list of tv shows of the day. - organize and sort your tv shows - retrieve episode subtitles - Use your phone as a remote screen for subtitles - translation feature for recaps and summaries - cache feature for pictures, to save your bandwidth and to speed up the app - rate episodes - for U.S. residents only: adjust air date/times of U.S. tv shows to your local time zone TVShow is the result of a development challenge : to completely develop an application decided by internet users up in 20 hours.
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  • Rudy Huyn
  • 2011-03-11 23:23
  • 2011-05-03 04:55
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2011-04-30 21:39 Player010555715
2011-05-02 16:51 Usman Ahmed
2011-05-05 05:19 hurricane9000
great one! if we could only watch the episodes directly from the app.
2011-05-01 12:07 nixaDJ
Two stars because its a good idea. However, it constantly crashes and loses all entered data. Waste of time! Fix the app and maybe I will start using it. Also it needs a select all button for the episodes.
2011-05-01 15:26 CGroppi
Great app that I can't use. 2 major problems. 1. It crashed on me 3 times and I lost all of the information that I put in everytime. 2. It treats the whole USA as a singlevtime zone. Having the proper time zone is a "premium feature"? So, while I think the app looks great and is a good idea, I'm holding off for now. I can get the network schedules with the imdb app for now.
2011-05-01 15:45 Jeff Daly
Does not crash, your phone just sucks
2011-05-01 18:53 bluelarz
Great way for me to track programs I torrent
2011-04-28 14:09 JazzBass72
Awesome, bought the full version
2011-04-28 17:04 Nicc515
Best... TV app. Update on live tole would be great .. Though it is a lite version
2011-04-23 09:25 SKCTS
Very useful, but the app crashes often. Changes aren't saved immediately, so I've lost my changes three times. The app is so useful, I'm going to work through the crashes. Dell Venue Pro 8GB (Only two apps have locked up my phone: This and that Glyder game.)
2011-04-23 15:58 IRSmurf
Great app thinking of getting the pay version
2011-04-24 16:39 ForkboyInk
Great app thinking of getting the pay version
2011-04-20 22:17 ForkboyInk
Rally nice app and so useful
2011-04-21 11:05 BuAziz88
WOW !!! Amazing !
2011-04-21 17:48 Russian Kingpin
Fantastic free app...does what it says, very useful.
2011-04-21 20:38 JonyRiddla
Great app for keeping track of TV shows.
2011-04-17 12:38 wickedskillz101
Love it...upgraded to full version within the first week
2011-04-18 17:45 Player993526419
2011-04-18 18:14 TheOnlyStefan
One of my favorite apps. I only wish I could organize my list alphabetically or in order of how the shows air through the week. But that's really insignificant. Love it.
2011-04-12 22:12 wvbabyhog
Good app
2011-04-09 02:51 TheTeamExtreme
Last update fixed the constant crashing. It's a bit slow and laggy, but at least it's mow stable and usable.
2011-04-05 09:14 LeapoX
Very nice! Just bought paid version. Can't beat it for $0.99.
2011-04-06 16:04 thesecondsfade
Awesome. This is what I need! I would buy it, if I could.. But as of this moment there's no possibilty as I do not live in a supported country (Belgium). If MS would finally make the marketplace global ... :)
2011-04-06 19:47 Player635115102
Overall it's a well done app. Not sure if the live notifications work, haven't tested yet. I like the way it presents episodes. Else, it lags occasionally and the TV show images are awfully stretched. Also, I don't see a full version in the marketplace.
2011-03-12 07:55 colonelkrusher
2011-03-14 13:40 jkavanagh58
Very nice version 1.0 app. Some bugs and lag but overall nicely done.
2011-03-14 18:57 CartmanSPC
Great app! Can't wait for future updates. Will get the paid app when available.
2011-03-14 23:25 JKimrey
Show images need to be adjusted or cropped. Otherwise pretty good.
2011-03-15 02:17 alex2364
2011-03-15 13:40 saboorian
Too *** buggy. Would be great if it was reliable. But its not. Freezes up everytime. Makes for a horrid experience. -5 Stars if I could
2011-03-18 01:47 Player322066755
Great app...for a version 1.0. It feels kind of laggy. It often crashes when adding shows. I'd like to see some alphabetical sorting for the shows list. Suddenly lost all of my saved shows.
2011-03-18 04:19 dhohulin
Terrible app. Crashes every time I try to add a show. Worthless in this state.
2011-03-19 01:31 LeapoX
Great app & my favorite for keeping up with your shows especially if you record them. Clean interface. Lots of options, Intuitive interface.
2011-03-20 21:49 NH3MAN
Awesome - need to select all episodes, nit just one by one.
2011-03-22 01:52 ETH3L
Best app to keep up with the shows you love so much :)
2011-03-23 17:03 Farome
Perfect to keep track of the episodes I've seen and the air dates. Awesome app!!
2011-03-24 01:50 irodrisa
Superb app.
2011-03-26 04:37 Yeyete
Alright...but I'd rather just watch the show live, DVRed or OnDemand.
2011-03-27 04:36 RedVWvr6
Great App ! Elegent and useful
2011-03-27 22:40 Player586699975
Fake and Gay
2011-03-28 00:42 sgt abacon
TVShow lite - Average rating : 8 - Max : 10 - Based on 37 ratings and 37 reviews.