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Developed by Gilad Eisenberger An application to calculate Binomial coefficient values. This is useful for calculating the number of possibilities for selecting k items of out n possible items. more

By Yalla Apps



Kugelberechnung. Geben Sie den Wert der zu berechnenden Kugel ein, welcher Ihnen bekannt ist. Das Programm liefert Ihnen die restlichen Werte. Es können folgende Werte eingegeben oder berechnet werden: Radius, Durchmesser, Umfang, Oberfläche... more

By H. Spanier


Journal It!

JournalIt is an easy to use journal/diary application. Whether you want to keep a personal journal, take notes in a meeting or create a travelogue of your vacation, JournalIt can do it all. You can create multiple journals and each journal can be... more

By DigitalHalo



FlexInventoryTaker10 (inventory 10 different items) Every day we must take inventory of items and count things and usually we are caught with no pencil or paper and only ten fingers to help us take inventory or perform the count. FlexInventory... more

By Hunter Consulting and Training



Marketing Strategy is an app in development for running mini guerilla marketing from your phone. In this first version of the beta we have just the top level of the check list running using the decision tree. more

By David J Kelley


FreeeHow Auto

Not affliated with eHow. Logo is trademarked with eHow Corp. Receive auto repair tips, advice on buying a car, and learn how about different auto parts for free. more

By Creole


eHow RSS

Receive update feeds on how to manager your, money, upkeep your auto, home improvement tips, and more!! more

By Creole


Cool Calc

Description ----------- (see updates in Update Log below) Cool Calc offers easy, accurate results for all basic mathematical calculations, plus some added functions to help you keep track of your operations and results. - Easy entry, editing... more

By MJ App Factory



Manage your day-to-day activities with this simple and intuitive organiser. View your upcoming tasks and immediately know what's next on your busy schedule. more

By Reyaction Technologies


FreeSmartDialer (free)

SmartDialer is an Windows Phone 7 app that enables you to make calls from your desktop PC, without dialing the phone numbers on your WP7 smart phone. Entering (or capturing) phone numbers can instead be done from the PC app - EasyDialer - in... more

By Lundin Consulting