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  • So you're in the grocery store, trying to compare two products. The problem is one product has 3 servings, and the other has 7. What's more confusing is that one product lists the weight in oz and the other in grams. Which one is the better deal? Comparison shopper figures all this out for you. You simply enter the information from the package and the price tag. Comparison Shopper does the math and shows you which product is the better value. See the color-coded results immediately (green is good, red is bad), or tap the details button to see a detailed explanation.
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  • 2011-01-05 07:14
  • 2011-08-15 18:46
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USELESS AVOID AT ALL COSTS! If this app did what it claims, it would be awesome. It appears to allow you to do price comparisons between to products by entering the number of units per product, the weight/volume per unit, and total price of product. This according to the pics should provide a price per unit, as well as a price per oz/lb or g/kg, but it only returns 0s. I downloaded and paid for it, at least I'm only out .99 cents.
2011-02-20 22:14 Buck Tech
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