Digiflare Inc.'s Windows Phone 7 applications


FreeLiquor Finder

Liquor Finder makes it easy to find the closest liquor stores in Ontario, Canada. Liquor Finder allows you to find Liquor Control Board of Ontario’s (LCBO) store closest to you using your current location and display them on the map. Also it... more

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FreeFuture Gas Price Now

Future Gas Price Now is an application that will provide the gas price for next day and relative change in price from the previous day. The application provides drivers with a solution to determine whether they want to fill their gas tank today or... more

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FreeTip & Split

Tip & Split is an app that will help you quickly calculate your tip and tax, as well as split it in equal portions. The app will also allow you to save your settings in case you always leave the same amount of tip or have the same number of people... more

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GeekPeek is a lightweight news aggregator that provides a unified feed from Engadget and Gizmodo websites, therefore saving you the hassle of checking them separately. It also has the ability to filter out similar posts, giving preference to... more

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