JivTech's Windows Phone 7 applications


FreeSpeed Searcher

Update V1.2 - New icon - Minor bug fix - New 'clear search' button Speed Searcher significantly cuts down the time it takes to search the web. With an efficient shortcut method, you can be searching... more

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Lockscreen Text

Lockscreen Text easily lets you add text to an image, which can then be set as the wallpaper for your lockscreen. This can be achieved using image editing applications, but Lockscreen Text allows you to do this without a computer. There are... more

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Refinder makes it easy for you to remember where you left an item or what's in your attic. We've all had moments where we're looking for something and can't remember if we left it in the garage, the attic or lent it to a friend. With Refinder, you... more

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FreeICE Alert

ICE Alert is an app that could save your life. Should you get into an accident and are unable to communicate to anyone else, ICE Alert can be used by paramedics, or other first responders, to find out important information about you such as any... more

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